PMGI Courses

Business Analysis Fundamentals

Whether or not your title is "Business Analyst", business analysis (BA) work is expected from project managers, quality assurance professionals, and pretty much everyone in the organization. It is a complex and broad discipline! This course outlines the critical tasks included in the business analysis profession, along with definitions and examples of the various requirements types. It will also cover key analysis techniques for eliciting, analyzing and presenting requirements.

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Techniques and Practices of Project Management

This Course will equip participants with the skills required to immediately start setting priorities, controlling budget and reporting on project results. It will help participants to better define and understand Project Management; Project Lifecycles and Stakeholders; Project Process Groups and Initiating a Project; Project Planning and how these are applied in the real world. In this course, participants will also be exposed to other critical areas such as Risk Management, Quality Management and Procurement Management. They will also get hands-on experience in the use of Microsoft Project software.

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